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Regular classes are held on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday



  • When paying for classes please have exact money – no change will be available.
  • An attendance register (separate from our usual registration sheet) has to be kept.  
  • We will not be accessing the kitchen, so please bring your own water bottle and your own refreshment if you wish.
  • There will be no hand-holding for dancing and social distancing of 1.5m must be observed.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser available before you enter the hall. There will also be hand sanitiser available in the hall for your use, especially after handling money and before you leave the hall.
  • Please stay at home if you’re not well and we will look forward to seeing you when you are better.

* As signing in will take longer than usual, you are welcome to arrive up to 20 minutes early 

Please be aware of social distancing, and be patient!


  Saturday  General Class

9.30am – 10.45am  and 11.00am - 12.15pm

Dalkeith Hall

99 Waratah Avenue, Dalkeith



Some experience recommended.

Intermediate class

7.20p.m. – 9.00p.m.

Moresby Hall

4 Moresby St, Kensington



Suitable for beginners

10a.m – 12 noon

Hilton Community Centre.

2/34 Paget Street, Hilton

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