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Welcome to Hora Shalom - Israeli Dance Group Perth 




Hora Shalom began as a small group of Israeli dance devotees in Fremantle in 1995. It has evolved and grown since then into a large group of keen dancers and friends who attend a range of classes, performances and other events. It is run as a not for profit community group by a dedicated committee.

Hora Shalom runs regular weekly Israeli dance classes in Nedlands, Hilton and Dalkeith. The group also runs workshops with visiting choreographers and teachers every second year as well as beginners classes, dance marathons, parties and other events throughout the year. Hora Shalom also performs at various festivals and community events.

Israeli dance is a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, as well as being a wonderful social activity. The classes are run in a low pressure and very friendly environment. Our Saturday and Thursday classes are always open to beginners.


Israeli  Dance

Throughout  the world, people of all ages and cultures get together regularly to enjoy Israeli dance. The many different dance styles of Israeli dance reflect the various cultures and traditions represented in Israel - including Spanish, Hassidic, Moroccan, Yemenite and Greek. The music covers a wide range of styles -  from traditional to the latest Israeli pop tunes and is based on world music.


One of the special things about Israeli dance is the large number of dances that are being constantly created. Each dance has its own music and sequence of steps. To watch video of Israeli dancing simply look at our links page, where you will be able to see some of the dances that we do in our classes. They range from very simple dances to more complicated and high energy dances.


To find our more about Israeli dance go to the Israeli Dance Website  at 




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